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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The E-Hailing Scene in Malaysia

I used to be a loyal fan of GRAB. Then I switched to Uber. Because......(read on)
Uber has been part of my life for the last 6 months when I depended on it 100% and made a switch from Grab to 100% Uber. Since Oct 2017 I had RM600 uber credits (won from a Uber Lagu Contest) which I slowly, was using happily right till the first week of April 2018 where I was told I had to finish it all up. The balance will be forfeited. Then reality hit me hard! Uber is really gone.......sob.......sob..... 
How was I affected? Now I had to fork out my REAL money and no more credits. Why did I switch previously? There hasn't been any promo codes since Jan 2018 from Grab and I am already feeling the pinch. With my Uber credits slowly depleting and Uber that came to an end by first week of April 2018, I REALLY REALLY REALLY felt the pinch. OUCH! For forking out actual money for my rides. BoooHoooo...No more free rides (using Uber credits)

Well, here's what I miss and don't miss about Uber.
1) Uber rates are known to fluctuate. Sometimes the final price is super ridiculous!!! I hated that!
2) For short trips, I am grateful for Uber as the fare is reasonably priced. On an average about RM3- RM3.50 I pay for Uber vs Grab that starts from RM5 which is a lot for a super short trip from the LRT to my office that is just a highway away.

Before Uber closes its doors, I took many many Uber rides and started interviewing the drivers and what are their plans.I have had mixed feedback. Some said that they could no longer drive with GRAB as they have previously been blacklisted. Hence, with Uber gone, I felt sorry for them, especially those dependant to cari makan with these e-hailing services as drivers. Some are full time drivers who are retirees and some decided they did not want a full time job and wanted flexibly, hence, driving for E-Hailing services really helps a lot of these drivers to generate an income and some to helps end meet. Those who hold a regular job also join in the e-haling game not because the love to, but because they have to find ways to make more income with the rising cost of living to feed their families. On an average now one can hold 2 jobs to make ends meet.

E-Hailing/Ride Sharing is great! 
It's a win-win situation. Drivers get to make some extra buck to supplement their income and riders get the convenience of not driving (due to many reasons)

Filling in the Uber Gap.
With Uber gone for almost a month now, new e-haling apps were seen mushrooming in the recent months. Who doesn't know Grab. To me, Grab is my first priority and on top of my mind  when it comes to e-haling services. It is my first option now, based on reliability and waiting time (with Uber gone). Prices starts from RM5.


And just for your info, guys and girls, there are a few new E-Hailing Apps around town now.
Here are some of my thoughts about the other new E-Hailing Apps in Malaysia.
I was first introduced to MyCar when riding Uber the final week. The driver shared a leaflet with me. I was soooo happy that there was another player in the market. At first I was worried the market may be monopolized by Grab then you know lah what will happen if just one player controls the market. Prices will be determined by THEM! I certainly do not want that and I would support new players whenever I can. Tapi, the sad case is that the pricing point for this new player also starts from RM5. Kalau ini macam ah....I would go for GRAB right rationally? (More reliable). Hah....ini dah nampak angel and devil fighting inside my head already. Netherless I welcome MyCar and have since used its services 3 times. Only first time ada promo code discount RM2. Thereafter, no referral promo, no other promo codes.

I would say there's still room for improvement. The system layout is certainly not the same as Grab or Uber and slightly not so user friendly. It took a while for me to figure it out. But I am giving it some time for me to adapt to the new booking system.  This would be my next best option (not including Grab)


The interface for Gabir was like abang-adik MyCar when I first downloaded it a month ago. Now they have released GABIR MALAYSIA and I had to redownload the app again. Interface chaged slightly but I have not tried this app nor used their services. It takes some convincing before I try them. I would still prefer MyCar.

Gabir Malaysia

Mula- Ini pun CP belum pernah cuba. Dalam handphone CP dah ada kesemua E-Hailing apps ni untuk standby dan backup. Tapi so far I have only used MyCar besides Grab. So no comments so far.


A friend told me he will be driving for this. Hence out of curiosity, I also downloaded this app. Again I belum try this out. Initially I was getting worried no E-haling except Grab. Look at the market now! Dah banyak sekali! I believe these E-hailing firms kena secure and build up their driver base dulu and embark on some marketing to get them known to the market. so far I think MyCar is doing it right, with some press conference and publicity via ex Uber drivers they are now slowly taking flight. As for the rest, I have yet to see any form of marketing from them except me stalking their facebook page for more info.


This has been around even Uber times, but I have not used them. With a mission to empower women and making safe and comfortable transport accessible to all women, riding pink helps women with an alternative source of income and total flexibility to manage their schedule. This obviously are Women Drivers for Women Passengers Only.

One more rumoured to kick off by end of this year. Let's wait and see is Lyft. A random check on their International website, they are already quite well known in some other countries.

Lyft (But not in Malaysia yet) - rumoured to be introduced by end of this year.

International Site

I am happy to see the E-Hailing Services in Malaysia is now with a healthy competition and with so many more choices for both drivers and passengers to choose from now. Here's to more WIN-WIN Situation for those in need of money (drivers) and convenience to (passengers) all the way.


Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Movies Movies Movies 2018

I love Fantasy Fiction and Sci-Fi Fiction movies like Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, Avatar, Guardians of The Galaxy and back in the 80's I loved the Never Ending Story. I love stories with mythical creatures like dragons....and ahem (magical unicorns) of course.

I am all excited too with the release of Avengers: Infinity War this week and I bought my tickets a week ago. And guess what? Halls were already 80% sold!!!!

In this blogpost, I will share some up and coming movies in 2018. 

I FEEL PRETTY Trailer (Amy Schumer)
JUSTICE LEAGUE Deleted Scene (Superman's Black Suit)
LIFE OF THE PARTY Trailer (Melissa McCarthy)
AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Super Bowl Spot Trailer
VENOM Teaser Trailer

Credits to 9 Media

Tell me which is your favourite and most anticipated movie in 2018.
I am so looking forward for The Titan and Venom and most of all Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

All these fantasy movies are simply out of this world!

Besides fantasy, I am also drooling over this movie coming out in August! 
August, come quickly already! 


I just can't take my eyes of the good looking couple Henry Golding, one of Malaysia's heartthrob and Constance Wu, an American Actress (who kinda look like our very own chef Isadora Chai), probably because of her seductive eyes.

Also starring our very own Tan Sri Dato' Seri Michelle Yeoh as Eleanor Young, a super controlling mother.. Woots!

Picture Credit: Entertainment Weekly

An interview with Henry Golding and Constance Wu at The Ellen DeGeneres Show

If you just can't wait, take a look at this list of upcoming movies that will hit the big screen soon.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Savouring Naughty Nuri's New Delights

Fans of Naughty Nuri's Rejoice!!! 
Because there's more than meats the eye (pun intended) now, with an introduction of new interesting dishes. These dishes are highlighted in their menu with (NEW!) and presented in special white and black font. You may have missed it the last time. Be sure to check it out when you are there the next time. 

Having been to Naughty Nuri's and dining there every other month, I was super happy that that they have now introduced some brand new exciting dishes on their menu list! I have tried almost 70% of their current menu and wanted something new, something different. 

Our story began like this.....

After watching the next table having this in our last dining session at Naughty Nuri's mom looked at me and said. "We are soooo gonna try that next round! You see, we have just finished with our dinner with our tummies all full and we could not stuff anything in thereafter. Hence, on our next makan session at Naughty Nuri's we finally tried this Flaming-Lambo Chicken! We loved what we saw.

Flaming-Lambo Chicken RM42++
Juicy roasted whole chicken marinated with fragrant Balinese spice. The chicken meat is tender and juicy. It takes skills to eat the whole chicken hanging like that. We asked for assistance from the waiter to have it cut into smaller pieces so that it's easier for us to eat.

This chicken is on fire! A sure way to "fire up" your appetite with this one!

Check out this video I took on as the chicken goes up in flames. Talk about being innovative in food presentations. 

Here are some other tantalizing picks for your next visit to try something new from Naughty Nuri's.

Balinese Crispy Prawn Toast (New) RM22
Fresh Balinese spiced prawn fillings laid on a fluffy bread base, coated sesame seed and deep-fried into crispy-licious bites. I can practically smell the aroma on first bite. The filling is bursting with aroma. I love how it's presented in bite size and cut into smaller pieces.

Crispy Bacon-licious Strips RM19
Beer battered pork bacon deep-fried into crispy strips. Served with Balinese delicious dip.
Yes, these are super long crunchy bacon strips! They are super crunchy on the outside. 
It's huge and oozing with oinki-ness.
I cut out in smaller sizes so that it's easier to eat. Loving these new additions to the menu!

Supreme Porky-Pepper Soup (New) RM26
Pork ribs and hog maw braised in fragrant garlic and white pepper broth for 6 hours. 
A heart-warming peppery soup to warm your tummy especially on a rainy day this will be sooooo gooooood.

Beat The Heat! 
Quench your thirst on a hot day with
Nuri's Punch RM28.80
 (1 Jug = 6 glasses) 
Great for a family of 4-5
That day I decided to try the Nuri's Punch instead of my usual Lemongrass Ginger Fizz. I loved this thirst quenching drink with some lychee and lemon slices in it.

Wah Tusuk Babi RM22
/RM12 #standbyyou menu pricing
Pork Belly Skewers, marinated for 12 hours with Ubud inspired sweet sauce and grilled to perfection. This will definitely go well with a beer or two.

BBQ Pork Chop RM25
/RM10 #standbyyou menu pricing
Juicy pork chops, marinated in Balinese spices, dipped in special Balinese honey sauce and char-grilled to perfection. This is one of my favourite dishes as it is carefully marinated to perfection.

Asian Roast Pork Burger RM32
/RM15 #standbyyou menu pricing
One full strip of homemade crispy skin roast pork topped with onion croquette, lettuce and tomato, served in a charcoal burger together with french fries. 
Great for those with a huge appetite.
The roast pork is super long. I had to remove and eat them individually. And yes, this can get a little messy.
You may have notice there are 2 different pricing on some of the items I featured.
That's because the lower pricing is based on Naughty Nuri's current menu promotion for Stand By You Campaign.
 #standbyyou menu pricing is valid for selected dishes till 31st May 2018.
More info on this  #standbyyou campaign in my previous blogpost 

Naughty Nuri's Dance during the Happy Hour at 2.30pm and 8.30pm daily

These guys sure know how to entertain a crowd!

I have been a loyal customer of Naughty Nuri's and enjoy going back there every other month. I especially love the ambience and the energy of the waiters and waitresses as they danced the night away. They are all very talented and attentive. 

Before I end this blogpost, let me share a funny true story with you. You may have seen me and mom's video on Naughty Nuri's TV for the past one year. This was what happened one day when we dined at our favourite Naughty Nuri's outlet.

Waitress: Welcome to Naughty Nuri's. We see you EVERYDAY. She points to the TV above us. Mom and I on Naughty Nuri's TV. It has been a year and our faces are still there! She recognized us!

Quite a number of friends even snapped a photo of the TV with me and mom featured and sent them to me. Thanks guys, for being so attentive!!!

Have an oinki-licious dinner! 🐽

Friday, April 20, 2018

A Night with Phantom Of The Opera

Marvellous set up! Great Performance!
This is my favourite backdrop.

Phantom Of The Opera, Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again, Angel Of Music, Think of Me, Music Of The Night, All I Ask Of You.
Claire Lyon and Michael Cormick. 
Working their magic together on stage with killer vocals that compliment each other.

Michael Cormick surprised us, emerging from the crowd below as he walks up to the stage to give us his all!

The melodious sounds from this performance still rings in my head. It was barely a week after the wonderful night with the Phantom of The Opera that made its Malaysian debut at the Royal Charity Gala Premiere on 18th April 2018 at the Manhattan Ballroom, Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. 

I actually bumped into 6 friends who were also there to enjoy the night's performance and Big names from leading corporations were also seen at the venue. It was a night of splendor and a night of glamour. Ladies dressed mostly in black, All made up for an unforgettable evening serenaded by beautiful melodies that fill the air.

An Evening With The Phantom – Songs From The Musicals was held in conjunction with the iconic musical’s 30th anniversary on Broadway – The Phantom Of The Opera. Featuring the casts from The Phantom itself – Michael Cormick and Claire Lyon, the 75 minutes musical celebration transported guests back to 1881 in Opera Populaire with the greatest hits from The Phantom Of The Opera and highlighting the very best of melodies from other popular musicals. The event was an exclusive musical experience for all musical lovers to get close, share and live the passion in this musical journey!

In fact, after doing a Facebook posting that I would be "Meeting my Phantom" that night, I was surprised to learn that so many friends were also interested in this musical. 

Initially I thought it the performance was just songs from Phantom from the Opera. 
I was wrong! So many of my favourite songs were performed. 

Some of the songs covered were not only from the Phantom Of The Opera but a good mix of songs from various musicals that include:

A Whole New World
Impossible Dream
All That Jazz
The Sound of Music
My Favourite Things
Something Good
Climb Every Mountain
West Side Story
I Feel Pretty
Beauty & The Beast
I Dreamed A Dream
Bring Him Home
I could Have Danced All Night
Can't Take My Eyes Off You

Here is a snippet from one of their last acts just for you, my dear readers. ENJOY the actual performance that very night! Be amazed....Be very amazed by the sounds of Claire Lyon and Michael Cormick. Leading this spectacular concert is Bernard Walz, an award-winning musical director with our very own Malaysian performers from the Philharmonic Orchestra.

My favourite performance from Claire was surprisingly The Sound Of Music where she lives and breathes the songs. She hits the high notes from Phantom of the Opera effortlessly.
As for Michael Cormick, his deep voice is super soothing and super sexy. I love him doing the male vocals for A Whole New World.

I can see in certain parts of the performance Michael held his mic far away from his mouth and yet still produce the perfect vocals. You can tell he has a powerful voice!!!

A marvellous act, so full of passion I can see,
Entertaining the crowd in glee.

The backdrop projection was all so REAL and blends in with the night of the musical so well.
With chandeliers hanging above the stage, candles burning and a grand piano at the stage, it just looks amazing! Claire's second wardrobe change into a sparkly gold gown goes well with her songs performed in the second act like Beauty and The Beast.

An Evening With The Phantom – Songs From The Musicals is presented by Milestone Production and in aid of Tuanku Ja’afar Educational Trust.
I totally enjoyed myself that night, fully immersed into the Music of The Night.

Thank you for having me. 
With me is blogger Nikki Ooi who is also an avid fan of musicals too. So glad I have her as my musical kaki that night as we both appreciate good music.

About Milestone Production
Established in 2003, Milestone Production is one of the region’s leading show production company that provides unparalleled live entertainment experiences globally. We aim to cultivate appreciation of the performing arts in the region by bringing in internationally acclaimed West End and Broadway productions to Malaysia and to the rest of South East Asia, namely – Mama Mia!, The Mousetrap, the multi-award winning Broadway production Jersey Boys, Thriller Live, Saturday Night Fever, Potted Potter, Dr.Bubble With Milkshake, One Man Star Wars Trilogy , Dr.Balloon’s Science
Adventure, Rumour Has It – Adele – Her Life And Songs and now the iconic An Evening With The Phantom – Songs From The Musicals.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Japan In Full Bloom

My little brother shares some awesome photos from his Japan trip. Yup! After a week long he is still there. Katanya it's freaking cold now! When I scroll through my facebook these few weeks, I realised many of my friends are in Japan now too, possibly due to the sakura season.
These are just too lovely. I don't remember seeing blooms like these when I last visited back in 2015 during the Shibazakura season.

The Great Mt Fuji

Ahhhhhh....the great Mt. Fuji on a bright clear day, clearly visible! Thanks to my brother who shared this shot with me as he holidays in Japan for more than a week. And he tempted me with colourful ice-cream of various flavours and sweet shots like these! Oh! that boy!


Hachiko, the loyal dog. 
Yup! I visited this place with mom too. So many tourists here!

My brother showed me beautiful Japanese printed hanky. I told him not to buy cause I already bought quite a lot at Jalan Jalan Japan. hey and these ain't cheap in Japan, ok? It may cost up to RM30 - 40 for an average sized piece! I'm not kidding you!

OK! He is tempting me with more ice cream. This time showing off his Mochi Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream. 

I asked him where is the ice-cream? I don't see it!
He said the ice-cream us inside the Mochi!!!
The ones we have here are all mixed ice cream with Mochi bits. Have you tried the ones from Haagen Dazs Malaysia? I have taken a mini scoop to test the flavour here but didn't quite like my ice cream mixed with something soft and jelly-like. I prefer having the chocolate ones honestly.

I can't wait for my brother to get home so I can raid all his goodies!!! Muahaaahhhhaahhhh (*evil smile)
Then again, I hope he buys me souvenirs!